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  1. Show the number of days/time from a date other than now

    I used the site for finding the number of days from today to a given date, and it is fantastic for that :-)

    Now I want to find out the number of days from 16th November 2014 to the same future date, but it appears the site can't do this. This may not be a often used feature, but it would be useful.

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    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We have already added a very basic ability to do this, but haven’t yet given users an easy way to access it.

    If you want a quick way to get the days, you can enter an address in the web browser:{date}/{year}/from/{date}/{year}


    The date part will understand most date formats.

    If you’re already viewing a countdown to a particular date then you can just add “/from/16-nov/2014” to the end of the address in your browsers address bar.

    Just to warn you, the number of days shown is calculated from the end of the start day (23:59) to the start of the end day (Midnight).

    If you want to know the number of days from a particular time of day to the same time of day on the other date, you will need to add one day.

    We will try and provide an…

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