How do I make a Countdown my Screensaver? (Windows)

This applies to Windows only (All versions).

We're currently looking into releasing our own app for allowing you to use our countdowns as a screensaver, but i
n the meantime there are 3rd party apps that will let you set any web page as a screensaver. Sorry, but we can't support this software if something goes wrong ...
  1. Download HTML Screensaver here (it's free):
  2. After downloading and installing, you'll need to set the web address of the countdown you want i.e. "". To do this, go to the countdown you want to use for your screen saver in a web browser.  then right-click on the address in the address bar and select "Copy".
  3. Open Control Panel in Windows, select Appearance and Personalisation, then select Change screen saver.
  4. Select HTML Screen Saver in the list of screensavers, and click on Settings...

  5. Now right-click in the URL box, and select paste.  
  6. Make sure that Remove border and scrollbars" has a tick next to it.
  7. Click OK to set the screen saver.

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