I want to see the countdown in days (or sleeps) only

The default countdown style for all events is "days, hours minutes and seconds".  When counting down in this way then the countdown is the total time to the start of the day (or midnight) in your time zone.  This is the precise time to the event or day, if it's a whole day event/holiday.

If you'd prefer to countdown in just whole days then the countdown will be less precise, but this is how most people perceive the number of days.  

For instance, say it's 1:30PM now, then from now until tomorrow is "0 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes" away .. but in whole days, you might say it's 1 day away.  

You can see the countdown in either format.

To see the countdown in whole days only

If you'd prefer to see the countdown in whole days:  
  1. Click on the settings icon (the little cog)
  2. Click on the "Countdown In" drop down list
  3. Select "days"

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